Gardenview students educated by CIJA on new Unlearn Antisemitism program

Montreal, December 1, 2022- Cycle 3 students at Gardenview Elementary School in St. Laurent took part in a special program for Holocaust Education Month, with guest speaker Emmanuelle Amar from the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA).

As the Director of  Policy and Research (Quebec), Ms. Amar’s role includes developing Quebec-specific policy positions to support outreach efforts, as well as monitoring and conducting research on antisemitism.

At Gardenview, Ms. Amar made an excellent presentation about a new campaign called Unlearn It (Unlearn antisemitism), which provides educators with short educational videos and discussion guides to teach about antisemitism and its impact. These tools can be used proactively as part of anti-racism programming or reactively when an incident occurs at school.

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About the Project

The objective of the EMSB Holocaust Education Program is to sensitize students and staff to the history of the Holocaust and acts of Antisemitism via special guests, lectures and visits to the Montreal Holocaust Museum and different exhibits and programming in the community.

Gardenview students
Gardenview students