EMSB graduate to present a play about the Holocaust

Theatre Ouest End is inviting students to their production of The Covenant by Montreal playwright, Alice Abracen, a graduate of Roslyn Elementary School in Westmount and Royal West Academy in Montreal West. This winner of the Canadian Jewish Playwrighting Award provides an important and invaluable theatrical learning experience exploring historical, Holocaust and genocide themes as well as parallels with current issues such as fake news. The performances, November 13 to December 3, are recommended for Secondary  Cycle II  and will provide enrichment to Social Sciences, English/Drama, and ERC classes. Talk backs will be available for specific performances. 

For information about booking your school group please contact: Jess Fildes (jfildes@segalcentre.org). (514) 739-794 or log on to  https://www.segalcentre.org/en/shows/2022-2023/the-covenant or http://www.theatreouestend.ca.

Inspired by a true story, The Covenant is set in June, 1944 at Theresienstadt. Red Cross dignitaries are invited to marvel at this lively town which appears to be a haven for Jewish people in the heart of Czechoslovakia. Little do they know that this paradise is a ghetto and concentration camp, elaborately staged in order to conceal Nazi crimes against humanity. Forced to participate in the terrible charade, the ambitious politician Peter and the dedicated doctor Hilde find their idealism, their faith, and their love put to a terrible test. Nine Secondary III English Language Arts classes from Royal West will be attending shows on November 23 and 30.

See this video interview: https://www.thesuburban.com/alice-abracen-talks-about-her-new-show-at-the-segal-centre-the-covenant/video_9da55e6c-5b7f-11ed-be75-87f05a7b0f9f.html