Presentation at Rosemount High School

Naomi Tencer with students.

On, April 9 Spiritual and Community Animator Mary Poullas invited Noami Tencer, for a special presentation about the Holocaust and genocide for selected Grade 10 and11 students. Ms. Tencer is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor of  concentration camps and a death March. She is a member of a team of children of genocide survivors from the Foundation For Genocide Education who believe that  history is best learned by listening to the stories of those who lived through it. Students gained a better understanding of the past while learning the importance of  building a more inclusive Canada. 

Besides Rosemount High School, representatives from the Foundation have also spoken at the following schools this year: MIND, Marymount, Royal Vale and LaurenHill. The Foundation for Genocide Education offers teachers its school presentation program, suitable for Grades 9 to 11 students. These interactive presentations are given by children or grandchildren of survivors of genocide, including the Holocaust, the First Nations genocide, the Armenian genocide and the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

The presentations feature a 50-minute blend of video clips of a survivor’s testimonial with live explanations from the presenter that tie everything together into a cohesive and compelling story. A connection is made between past and present-day events, and advocates for education to prevent future genocides.

The presentations are suitable for various classes, including history, ethics and languages. History is best told through storytelling, with first-hand accounts being an invaluable resource for educators.

These gripping and powerful testimonial presentations allow students to dive into the past, further understand genocides, and develop their compassion for others.

EMSB committed to Genocide Education

Joe Ortona, Heidi Berger, Marcy Bruck and Julien Feldman. EMSB Chair Joe Ortona and Commissioner Julien Feldman met with Heidi Berger and Marcy Bruck from the Foundation of Genocide Education. Its mission is

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